Monday, November 29, 2010

Time Going by At Jake's

Here's the aforementioned video a little later than expected.

Despite its accidental creation I really like how this turned out. The viewer gets a sense of how several hours of my shift flew by. This video is more like how human memory persists than actual video. The action goes by so fast that it is impossible to see all the nuances in one viewing. One pass your focus may be drawn to the traffic, the changes of lights, or the glass as it is emptied, sip by sip, but second and third viewings force you to start noticing the subtle interactions between individuals and the static environment.

On one hand there is alot of interesting and promising things that this style of photography/ film making could achieve, but on the other hand I am worried about it being a cliche. Time Lapse photography and video is not new by any means. I haven't researched it, but surely someone has thought to do the exact same thing before.

I'll be posting the still pictures from my shift at Jake's shortly, as well as updating my banner and other images.


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