Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Corporate Lullaby

The Corporate Lullaby (WALTZ FEEL - 6/8)

Do not sleep, do not dream,
Do not think of your life,
Just float down the corporate canal.
You buy ten, get one free,
You deserve, lux-ur-y,
To bolster the daily morale.

Coming soon, Just stay tuned,
To this station for more,
You will not believe what comes next,
Dull your mind, and you'll find,
That you can't live without,
The latest life-changing pretext.

Luxury's there at your doorstep,
One simple click away,
Food on demand, delivery or canned,
An all you can eat buffet.
Luxury's there are your doorstep,
You want to commodify,
Just dance do the tune,
Of the business tycoon,
It's the Corporate Lullaby.

On good will, here's a pill,
A distraction from life,
But only the first one is free.
In retail, there's a sale,
For a limited time,
With a new money-back guarantee.

It's been shined, and designed,
To make pounds melt away,
In ten easy sessions or less,
You'll have girls, dressed in pearls,
Who want nothing but sex,
When they see you they'll want to undress.

And now for a word from our sponsor,
The latest in tech device,
Once it installs, you can make calls,
The same as before, twice the price.
And now for a word from our sponsor,
You want to commodify,
get Zero A-P-R,
On your brand new car.
It's the Corporate Lullaby.

[Music coming soon. Until then, you're welcomed to set it to music yourself. If you do, shoot me a link/ video and I'll post it right here.]

Television, radio, podcasts, internet streaming, stumble upon, netflix, games, music. All of the "cultural" experience of today, the mass produced comodified creative material is nothing but a cacophonous lullaby designed to placate and subdue the masses. You can sit for hours on end watching episode after episode of crime scene drama or prancing teenagers, but taking a step back, one is forced to realize the pointlessness of the situation.

The screen has you hypnotized, telling you how to think, how to act, what to buy and slowly killing off the ability for conscious rational thought.

Of course the people who find and produce such entertainments don't want you completely entranced. They still need you to be able to go out and work your nine-to-five, so you have a paycheck to further spend on bullshit. When you're not working, all other time should be consumed by the Corporate Lullaby.

"Sit on your ass in front of your newest flat-screen", it whispers in your ear,  "Don't cook, order a pizza. Don't get up, something else will be on after a word from our sponsor." This almost inaudible voice guides the public subconsciously until one day they wake up to find their hips are full of cellulite, their homes are full of shake-weights, and their lives are meaningless and empty.

This is not a new concept, Ancient Rome had this figured out too a "tee". They had a vast empire based on a ludicrous caste system and slave labor. When the conditions got worse and the people might complain they staged more extravagant entertainments. When the plebs attention started to wane, they doubled or tripled the instances of the shows. They killed people on the cold sands of the Colosseum, watched conquered slaves being hunted by lions, and even went to so far as to fill the basin of the arena with water and stage full-scale naval battles to the death; all for the amusement of the people.  Meanwhile, the upper class hosted elaborate orgies and wanted for nothing.

Here in the present, the orgies are of a different nature. We have not resulted to killing each other for sport quite yet, but "reality" television is just about as close as we can come. Instead of people fighting to the death in an arena, we have The Jersey Shore spiraling down into a vodka fueled spectacle; and in between the eclectic carnage we have ads for hair care products, fake tanneries, and muscle powders so we can stage our own version at home.  Everything is part of the illusion. Everything is a verse in the lullaby.

"The people don't care what they get, as long as they have a choice." Because you get a choice between the black or the white iPod you believe that you have some control over your own situation. There is no personal control. The Corporate Lullaby wants everyone to be the same: Everyone's eyes locked on a screen showing ads, Everyone's ears plugged with the latest MP3 player, listening to the latest corporate spectacle, and everyone clothed in the hype and of false luxury. Everyone needs to be plugged into this grid, this framework that tells them what to do.

Why? Because with your senses clogged with this garbage you don't think to sit up and challenge the established framework.

It is our duty as community minded citizens to unplug and switch off the stream of mindless entertainments. We must gather, face to face, and discuss action for ourselves and the rest of the nation. Only then can we hope to improve and advance as a society.

--Grant David Anderson II

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