Monday, July 18, 2011

WORST CUSTOMERS - The DaVinci Code Lady

As many of you may know I used to work at a local movie theatre in high school. One day, it was the spring of 2006, I remember because we were preparing for the upcoming release of "The DaVinci Code", I had a one-of-a-kind interaction with a customer.

Normally, when a movie is about to come out the company has the option of putting their movie on our concessions materials as a way of promotion. Disney likes to do this a lot with cartoons--- kids love shit with cartoons on it--- but I digress. For some reason someone decided that the "The DaVinci Code" needed as much advertising as possible. We had posters all over the hallways, huge cardboard standees, popcorn bags, popcorn buckets, all sizes of cups, nacho trays, and even name brand candy with "The DaVinci Code" on the box. It was everywhere. 

I was cleaning up the stand in between the afternoon and evening rush when I looked up to see a woman who looked decidedly like a stereotypical librarian storming across the lobby, cup in hand.


For some reason, people got all uppity about "The Davinci Code" when not nearly as much of a stink was made about "The Passion of the Christ", it would be nice if it went both ways. People who dislike that Jesus is in the movie theatre did not come to the theatre in protest or demand they have their cups switched, they just didn't go. During the run of "The Code"(for short) we had a dedicated group of protesters who picketed our theatre, but sometimes would get hungry and come in to buy sodas and popcorn. At one of the other locations someone super-glued a lens cap onto one of the projectors, by reaching through the opening in the back. She ruined a $200,000.00 lens and the whole theatre was moved to another showing in the next room. People are nuts. I don't think I've ever hated something so much that I would stand outside with signs yelling at other people how much I hate it. That's what the internet is for.

Picketing itself is really counter productive if you think about it. People see a group of picketers on the sidewalk bearing signs saying "The DaVinci Code is Blaspehmy!!" and they don't go away, they get intrigued.  Allow me to illustrate:


The End.


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