Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Paradoxical Adventures of Axel Harlow: Time Detective

I thought of this last night and couldn't resist throwing together a poster and a book teaser.

Sadly, this wasn't the first time Harlow had seen a clone of Napoleon shot dead on the back of a Velociraptor. This was relatively run of the mill stuff for the world's first Time Traveling Private Detective. Not only had he seen this before, he recognized it as the impractical calling card of the greatest time thief of all time, Dr. Flavius Gould.  Gould, a criminal mastermind, had an illustrious career stealing history's artifacts, conning its famous leaders, and constantly evading capture. Despite his success, it is thought that he's retired now, hiding away on some distant island in the future, far out of the jurisdiction of the Time Censorship Bureau (TCB); but still the remnants of his crimes echo through the continuum of space and time, baffling the authorities. 

In his current adventure Harlow, accompanied by his wide-eyed nephew Marvin, discover one of Gould's most secretive and complicated treasure clues. A string of hints and riddles placed throughout time to help him remember where he'd hidden the spoils from his greatest heist. Following the trail will lead them on the adventure of a lifetime, but can they find the treasure before it is re-claimed by the TCB? Only time will tell.

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