Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Catagory Fun Hurricane

The Category Fun Hurricane was pioneered by drink enthusiast Dr. Grax T. Funkerson, just after prohibition in 1933. He was an unusual man perhaps most famous for his occupation as a traveling "snake oil" salesman. (Most of the great flim-flam artists seen in TV and Film are based off of this historic figure.) His wide assortment of potions and tinctures were allegedly said to cure all sorts of illnesses, from impotence to consumption. Perhaps his most controversial remedy was for Night Terrors, where the inflicted person was buried up to his neck in manure during a full moon for six hours. It was after being run out of yet another southern town that Dr. G. T. Funkerson and his truck of mysterious ingredients were stranded in a mild hurricane. Stuck in the truck for several days Funkerson realized that most of his bogus balms and ineffective elixers made great mixers when combined with various types of alcohol. Following this alcoholic epiphany he converted his entire operation into a traveling bar, selling bottles of his famous cocktails to the greatly depressed people. The Category Fun Hurricane is the inaugural drink that commemorates the historic brain storm of the original mix-master.

In a blender

Fill Half-Full of Ice
Passionfruit Puree
Orange Juice
Sweetened Lime Juice
4oz of Light Rum
4oz of Dark Rum
1 splash Pomegranate Wine (secret ingredient)

Sliced strawberries may be added to this recipe as well to kick the fun up a notch or two. 

Blend, sample, add in more ice to fill blender, blend until smooth.
Serve in the most ridiculous glass you can find with straw. Garnish with a slice or Lemon or Orange. I recommend a tall pilsner glass if you can't find any mason jars or enough matching flower vases. In a perfectly blended Category Fun, the straw should be able to stand on its own in the glass without moving or falling over.

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