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As many of you well know, I have no interest in cluttering up the Inverted Euphemism with flashy advertisements. As someone who watched the internet grow up, I feel a twinge of pure loathing every time I'm on a website and an overly-peppy voice bellows "CONGRATULATIONS YOU'VE WON!!!"

There is no cause for pop-ups, flashing, shaking, or music that plays uncontrollably.  Ads are annoying and I won't stand for them. Rest assured that you'll never have to fight them on I.E.

Having said that, I also don't want to beg individual readers for money; (even though I could probably put that on my resume if I ever wanted to work in public radio). If I put a PayPal link on the site it would seem a bit desperate. It would also go without saying that I would do all manner of depraved things with the money, such as blow it all on sidewalk chalk. That's not really fair to the person who is making the donation; maybe they have moral misgivings about sidewalk chalk and its continued use in today's society. In light of this I have come up with a solution.

I have put together a Wishlist on of various philosophical texts, books, classics, and other critical readings I wouldn't mind owning. If you appreciate the content and would like to do something nice, you can feel free to purchase one of these for me as a gift. Most of them range under five and ten dollars, rarely going over twenty.  The book gets shipped to my secret volcano base and you get to sleep well knowing your money is helping a grad student improve his library.

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