About the Artist

Hello, I'm Grant.

I'm a man of many hats; both figuratively, as in "I am a man who has adopted many different mantles of responsibility and expertise." and "I have a fuckload of hats." I suppose in a far off distant future where haberdashers have taken over the world and hats are our only currency, I will rule as king.

But seriously though, I'm well versed in a wide variety of topics. I have studied art, music, philosophy, english literature, photography, graphic design, theatre, woodworking, and sculpture. I have been trained, either on the job or self taught, as a chef, candy chef, radio personality, contractor, mechanic, bartender, therapist, and masseuse.  I'm always looking for something new to learn, some area where I can improve, or some mistake I can learn from.

I'm a champion for creativity.

A while ago I discovered that my purpose on the earth was to explore all it means to be creative. This means finding new and exciting ways to express myself creatively, and fostering that sense of creativity in others. Creativity, the practice of original ideas that have value, is what separates us from animals, and is tied intimately with what it means to be human. To explore creativity is to explore the full scope of human existence.

I am fascinated with good story-telling, as well as elements of day to day life that disrupt monotony; things that make life interesting. Here on the site this is found in secret codes, adventures, critical essays, street art projects, and my daily photography... among many other forms of creative expression.

I am from Omaha, Ne, where I currently reside, though my art practice has led me all over the country on collaborative projects.

Lets see, what else do you need to know... I'm 6'5", actually do enjoy long walks on the beach, although living in Nebraska, the walk to get to the nearest beach is a little long for my liking.  My favorite color is blue, favorite cake is carrot, pie is pecan then pumpkin. Love dogs, are indifferent to cats, but they hate me; and sometimes I dance around in my underwear listening to motown when no one is home.

That's about it.

Grant David Anderson II